3 Strategies To Quickly Expand Your Workforce

Expansion is always a good thing for a business. It represents growth, advancement, and new possibilities. If your business is growing, you are likely excited about the future. However, expansion can also create challenges. You may need to find new office space. Perhaps you need to increase your customer base and revenue to support your expansion.

You also may need to grow your workforce. Maybe you need more salespeople or customer support representatives. Perhaps your industry is labor-intensive and you simply need workers. Maybe you need skilled talent like programmers or engineers. The sooner you can fill those roles, the sooner you can see benefits from your expansion. 

If you don't have a robust hiring process in place, it may be difficult to hire a large number of people quickly. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to attract a large number of potential employees and onboard them quickly. Below are a few tips to consider:

Consolidate the hiring process. Your normal hiring process may involve multiple interviews, reference checks, and prolonged negotiations. That may be fine when you don't have urgency. However, in this situation, you may want to have a tighter process. Consider having an open house or interview day in which candidates can come in for on-the-spot interviews. Include hiring managers in the initial interview so you can make a fast decision. Also, consider giving managers or human resources the power to make their decision immediately so you can make a fast offer and get a firm commitment.

Target niche groups. It can be difficult to get your message out there if you're trying to reach everyone. Instead, try targeting groups that have historically had challenges in gaining employment. For instance, you could work with your local veterans agency to target retired military personnel. You may start an advertising campaign for those looking for a career change, especially if you're willing to train them. You can always target recent graduates if it's a role that doesn't require significant professional experience. College career fairs are a great way to collect a large number of resumes in one day.

Work with a staffing agency. Perhaps the most effective strategy in filling a large number of jobs is to work with a staffing agency. They already have an existing pool of potential hires. You can give the agency your desired skills and experience and they can search their pool for good matches. They're also constantly recruiting potential hires, so they can add to the pool as needed. You outsource a wide range of important functions. A staffing agency handles your hiring needs so you and your team can focus on other parts of your business and your expansion.

Get started today by contacting a staffing agency, like Bishop & Company Inc, that operates in your area or industry. They can help you quickly fill your open jobs with the right candidates.

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