Four Ways You Can Make Fast Money At The Pawn Shop

In the need for some quick cash? If you don't have time to place a classified ad or take pictures of your stuff and put them on social media, hoping someone will call or message, consider seeing what you have around the house that is pawn-worthy. Here's four ideas for items most pawn shops are happy to take off your hands.

Precious Metals

Just like aluminum cans can easily be traded for cash, so can gold, platinum, and silver. Pawn brokers especially like precious metals because their price fluctuates. This means what they buy from you today, they may be able to sell for considerably more in the future.


Just because you don't have any gold bullion or bars of silver sitting around doesn't mean you don't have something else that's almost just as precious. Gold, silver, and platinum jewelry may not be as liquid as the raw metal, but they could still bring you a high return.

Precious gemstones, particularly diamonds, are another big seller. A lot of jewelry aficionados scour pawn stores looking for good deals on unique jewelry or rare gemstones. And because vintage jewelry is something in high demand that many jewelry stores don't deal in, the pawn shop doesn't need to worry about the competition.

Another popular purchase from a pawn store is a watch will a well-known brand name, such as a Rolex. You may not want to part with your expensive watch, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  


Americans love their firearms. Just as vintage jewelry can bring a high return, both for you as the seller and the pawn shop as the buyer, rare and unique antique firearms can also bring a substantial amount of money. Even popular newer guns will likely be purchased as many people who are interested in purchasing firearms are collectors who simply want to add more to their ever-growing collection. When you get back on your feet financially, you can always return to the same pawn shop to begin building your gun collection again.

Electronics And Tools

While electronics and tools probably won't bring in quite as much cash as gold and guns, they may still be worth something if they are in demand. For example, iPhones are always a big seller at pawn stores because people know they can get a better deal than buying one new. A cheap drill likely won't get you anything, but a professional commercial drill probably will. Other professional tools, especially when sold as a set, are also a good bet.

Whether you plan to sell gold, jewelry, guns, or electronics, visit a few local pawn shops to find out how much money you can earn.

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