Three Reasons To Try A Small Plates Restaurant

Whenever you want to eat out, you have a nearly endless number of restaurant options. It may be easy, however, for you to fall into the habit of frequenting the same handful of establishments over and over. There's nothing wrong with sticking with what works, but you shouldn't be afraid to try something new every once in a while. If you live in an area in which there are a few "small plates" restaurants, it's worth checking this style of eatery out. As their name indicates, these authentic restaurants specialize in serving small portions of food, but this doesn't mean that you'll fail to satisfy your hunger. Instead, it's conventional to order a handful of small plates over the course of your meal. Here are three reasons to try a small plates restaurant.

You Get A Lot Of Variety

The variety of foods that you get to enjoy during your meal might be the biggest reason to try a small plates restaurant. In a conventional restaurant, you order and consume one entree — and whether it's a steak and sides, a pasta dish, or a large salad, this is all that you'll eat. At a small plates restaurant, you get to change things up. For example, you might have small servings of beef, chicken, seafood, and many other things over the course of the meal. It can be highly entertaining to try so many foods in a short amount of time.

It's A Perfect Sharing Experience

Some people enjoy sharing their meals with others at their tables, and the small plates experience is highly conducive to this mindset. Many people who visit this type of eatery will approach their meal in the following way: everyone orders a small plate or two, takes a few bites, and then passes the plates to the person next to them. This pattern continues until the food is gone, and then everyone orders again. If you're just dining with your significant other, the idea of sharing can also be romantically appealing.

It's A Unique Experience

Dining at a small plates restaurant is unlike any other eating experience that you've had in the past. Every element of it can be fun. It's enjoyable to keep your menu rather than surrender them upon ordering, as you'll know that you can enjoy perusing the menu and evaluating what additional items you might like. It's also fun to feel as though you're full, but convince yourself to order just one more small plate because the food looks appetizing.

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