Problems With Your Foundation? Look For These Telltale Signs

One of the most disturbing moments for any homeowner is when they suspect that their home has foundation problems. This type of home repair is not a do-it-yourself job, and is usually an expensive proposition. But how do you know if your foundation needs professional restoration? This article takes looks at some of the key signs that can indicate it's time to call in the pros.


Are you noticing cracks in the drywall of your house? This might be just the result of the house settling over time, which is not a cause for concern. If you are seeing hairline cracks above doors and windows, for example, then this is most likely the result of normal settling. You can just repair these yourself and take no further action.

If the cracks are larger than a quarter-inch, however, this could indicate a serious foundation issue that needs to be addressed.

Doors and Windows

Have you noticed that the doors and windows in your home are becoming harder to open and close? If they are sticking more than normal, this could point to a problem with your foundations.

Of course, others issues, such as summer humidity causing the wood to expand, could be causing the sticking. In this case, you can typically solve the problem yourself by reducing the humidity in your home or shaving the edge of the door or window with a plane. If neither of these resolution prove to be effective, however, you may the assistance of need a foundation repair pro.

Roof Gaps

Another sign of possible of a trouble with your foundations is how your roof looks. If you notice any significant cracks of gaps in your roof this could be a sign of structural issues with the foundation.

Wet Basement

Notice any water or dampness in your basement recently? This is yet another sign of a potential foundation issue. When your foundation is structurally compromised water can seep into your basement through cracks in the concrete floor or basement walls. Look for any excessive water or dampness after a rainstorm has passed through your area.

Determining if you actually have a serious foundation problem is not easy even if you notice any or all of these signs. Only a professional, such as a structural engineer, can make a final determination. If they advise you that a serious issue exists, you will need to contact a foundation specialist who offers house raising services and install a new foundation, or make other necessary repairs.

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