Treat Your Friends To Homemade Pizzas That Were Baked In Your New Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Engage your guests prior to consuming a meal on your deck by baking homemade pizzas in your new wood-fired pizza oven. The oven will be the hot topic of the night as your friends watch in awe as you move your culinary skills up a notch by rolling out the dough, adding sauce and toppings, and using a paddle to push each pizza into the oven's interior compartment.

Choose The Oven Style

A traditional pizza oven has a brick face, and an iron-zinc plated door. You can purchase a model that resembles a true pizza oven or one that has a more colorful facade. Businesses that sell pizza ovens supply a variety of oven styles and sizes.

Either way, remember that the oven will be a permanent fixture on your patio, so make sure that the oven you select will be one that fits into the color and decorative scheme that is used throughout the outdoor eating and recreational area.

Your oven should be professionally installed so that you are certain that the oven is structurally sound and level prior to preparing your first meal within its confines. 

Select Cooking And Cleaning Gear And Practice

Every good pizza maker has access to a pizza paddle, lighting implement, oven brush, and serving surface. Purchase cooking and cleaning gear that you prefer and store the items alongside the oven. The key to the oven's longevity is ensuring that the unit remains well-maintained.

Prior to your dinner party, it will be helpful to test out your pizza making capabilities by purchasing dough, sauce, seasonings, and toppings and attempting to create a diverse group of pizzas. Don't let your first creations go to waste, however. Serve each masterpiece to your family members and ask for their input concerning each pie.

This strategy will allow you to make adjustments to your preparation steps or cooking times so that when your guests have arrived for the outdoor gathering, you will be fully ready to prepare their meals. 

Don Your Apron And Chef's Hat And Get Down To Business

On the day of the outdoor occasion, put on your apron and chef's hat prior to moving the pizza ingredients outdoors. Wait for your friends to arrive and provide everyone with an informal training session, which involves rolling out the dough and adding the layers to each pizza.

Afterward, tell your guests a little bit about your new oven and how it works prior to baking the pizzas. Once the pizzas have been cooked, sit down alongside your guests and enjoy your creations. For more information, contact a company like Forno Nardona.

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