Four Tips For Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for home exteriors because it does not require painting or much other maintenance. If you want to keep it looking nice, however, you will want to pressure wash it about once a year. This task is not very difficult, and almost anyone can tackle it with the right equipment: a pressure washer and a ladder. However, there are a few tips you can employ from the get-go to lessen the learning curve and get better results.

1. Use a siding cleaner.

There are many different cleaners you can buy for use in a pressure washer. While you may be tempted to reach for an inexpensive, all-purpose cleaner, dedicated siding cleaner is worth the extra dollar or two. It will do a better job of loosening any mold or algae on the siding's surface. Make sure you follow the directions on the package. Generally, you will need to spray the cleaner on at low pressure, let it sit for a few minutes, and then continue washing at a higher pressure. 

2. Work from the top down.

Some people try to clean the bottom of the house first, because it is easiest to reach. However, when you then clean the top portion of the home, you end up rinsing grime down onto the previously cleaned bottom portion. So, it's best to always start at the top and then work your way down. Have someone hold the ladder when you're at the highest part of the house, just to ensure you're safe.

3. Wash with the seams.

When you come across a vertical seam in the siding, make sure you aim away from it so you are not pushing water underneath the siding. Pressure washers are quite forceful, and the water you push in can penetrate and cause damage to the structures underneath. 

4. Try several tips.

With most pressure washers, when you change the washer tip, the pressure and angle at which the water comes out also changes. Do not be afraid to experiment with several different tips to see which works best for you. It really will depend on the texture of your siding, how dirty it is, and the individual structure of your pressure washer.

If you struggle to pressure wash your home even with these tips, don't hesitate to hire a professional. There are pressure washing businesses, such as Foxland Cleaning, that will clean your home in an afternoon, and at a very reasonable rate. 

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