3 Great Tips When Purchasing Mailing Shipping Tubes

If you have documents to ship out to different recipients, you'll want to use mailing shipping tubes. They can provide extra protection and security to the contents inside. You can ensure these shipping tubes work out perfectly by utilizing these buying tips. 

Find Out What Size You Need 

There are many different sizes you can select from with mailing shipping tubes today. You have your standard sizes: small, medium, and large. You can also have these shipping tubes customized to fit larger or smaller-sized documents, for an extra fee.

So that your shipping tube is the appropriate size and works out perfectly, you need to take measurements of the documents you plan on sending out to recipients. Using a measuring tape, gather the length dimensions in inches. You won't need the width dimensions since your documents will be rolled up. Instead, you'll need to measure the diameter of your documents once they're rolled up as tightly as possible. 

Choose a Shipping Tube Type

You're not just limited to one type of mailing shipping tube. There are actually many great options available today. These include round, triangle, and telescoping shipping tubes. Round tubes are the traditional option. They are extremely affordable and made with durability in mind.

Triangle shipping tubes are ideal if you don't want your tube moving around during transportation. They generally come with locking tabs. Telescoping shipping tubes have the advantage of expanding in length. They can thus fit whatever documents you're needing to ship without any trouble. 

Purchase From the Right Supplier 

You have a lot of options as far as where you can purchase these mailing shipping tubes. One of the most common options is an online distributor. They'll have a lot of shipping tube inventory for you to select from and comparing their prices is easy. If you opt to buy from an online distributor, make sure you take into account shipping costs.

You also have the option of purchasing from local shipping companies directly. This is a great option if you're not sure what size of mailing shipping tube to get. You can visually inspect the tubes in person to make sure they'll work for your documents.

When it comes to document shipping, mailing shipping tubes are an extremely helpful resource. They'll keep your documents secure. Purchasing them won't be difficult if you take your time looking over the various options and making the necessary preparations. 

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