Three Dietary Choices That You Should Make After Getting Jet Lag Hydration IV

Jet lag has the ability to make you feel tired, irritable, and unfocused when you're traveling across multiple time zones, but it's important to know that you can get relief. When you're traveling, make it a priority to visit a service that provides intravenous hydration for jet lag relief. One short session of this nature can make you feel considerably better by helping you to move past the symptoms of jet lag and get on with your trip. If you're eager to maximize the positive effects of this therapy, you can do so by making some smart dietary choices. Here are three such choices.

Skip The Coffee

When you're feeling jet lagged, it's easy to reach for a cup of coffee — either while you're still at the airport, or in the hours that follow your flight. While it's true that coffee can help you to feel better, it also presents some challenges. Namely, if you've consumed a lot of caffeine, you may have trouble sleeping. Sleep, of course, is instrumental in helping you to alleviate your jet lag symptoms. Additionally, if you're the type of person who feels irritable after drinking coffee, this can be problematic because some people already feel irritable when dealing with jet lag.

Avoid Heavy Foods

Jet lag symptoms can include fatigue and lethargy, but you'll often notice a reduction in these unpleasant symptoms when you get IV hydration therapy. Don't make the mistake of eating a heavy meal soon after your flight. While you might be hungry, especially if you were up early to catch your flight and your normal meal schedule has been a little disrupted, heavy foods can make you feel sleepy — thus potentially negating at least some of the positive effects of your hydration therapy. It's better, when possible, to make light, healthy meal choices.

Stay Away From Alcohol

Many people drink alcohol when they're traveling, whether it's grabbing a drink or two at the airport bar while waiting for a flight or having drinks with friends or colleagues at the end of the day. While moderate consumption of alcohol might be tempting, you may notice that it affects how you feel. It's common to experience some level of fatigue after drinking, which can be detrimental when you're already feeling jet lagged. By relying on jet lag hydration IV therapy, as well as making smart dietary choices, you'll feel your best while you travel.

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