Answers To Your Questions About Vehicle Wraps

Whether your business has only one car or a whole fleet, making sure the vehicles have your logo and contact information on them is an important way to advertise and spread knowledge via word of mouth and brand recognition. While a custom paint job is an option, it can be expensive and time-consuming to maintain. You also may not be able to paint the cars if you are leasing them as opposed to buying them outright. Wraps are a much better alternative. The following guide can help answer your questions about vehicle wraps.

Do wraps damage the paint job?

No, in fact wraps do exactly the opposite -- they help maintain the paint. Wraps provide a protective layer that guards against UV damage to the paint on the vehicle. Further, it protects against minor damage from road residue, rocks, and even car doors. Any light damage that occurs happens to the wrap, not to the paint.

What is the lifespan of a vehicle wrap?

A wrap can last upwards of three years with little to no damage, which for many businesses equates to a fleet lease cycle. This means you may not need to replace your wraps until you are ready to renew your fleet anyway. For many businesses, even those that own their own fleet, replacing the wraps periodically is a good idea because it allows you to update your advertising to reflect any changes, such as by adding websites, updating the logo, or even listing new locations on the wrap.

Are wraps compliant with window tinting regulations?

Many wraps are designed to cover the window. In general, the wrap installer should be familiar with your localities window tinting laws so they can ensure that the wrap is compliant, but it's always a good idea to follow up on the legalities yourself. If you are very concerned about possible window obstruction, you can have a wrap designed that doesn't cover the windows.

Are certain cars more suitable for wrapping?

Any type of vehicle can be wrapped, from the smallest of smart cars to the largest of buses. It isn't the type of car that is a concern, but its color. In general, black or white are considered the best base colors for a vehicle wrap simply because they are neutral in instances where the base color shows through the wrap material. If your fleet is a different color, you will need to work with the wrap designer to make sure the wrap design complements the base color just in case any shows through.

For more help, contact a company that provides vehicle wrap services.

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