Common Xbox One Fixes: Grinding And Freezing

Few things ruin an afternoon of gaming like a malfunctioning console. Fortunately, with the popularity of the Xbox One console, thousands of other gamers have likely had the same issue that you're having.

Here's a quick guide to some common Xbox One problems.

Freezing and Glitching

You're in the middle of your favorite game, you're on a roll, and nothing can stop you—until your game stops in place or starts glitching sporadically.

Stopping and Starting: If your game becomes frozen, you have a number of options to check. First, particularly if you're playing an online game, make sure that your wifi signal is still strong. This might mean resetting your router just to make sure that your router isn't the issue. Once you've established that your router isn't the problem, you should test your connections between the console and your screen. Try unplugging both ends of your HDMI cable. If the screen continues to stay frozen or glitchy, you might need to escalate the situation.  If your system is completely frozen, you'll need to physically reset your console by holding on the power button for approximately 10 seconds. Additionally, you may want to disconnect and then connect your power cord to be certain that your system resets completely.

If the glitching or freezing continues after you've reset your system, you will need to contact Microsoft support to troubleshoot the problem further.

Grinding Discs

Gaming should never be a grind. Unfortunately, some Xbox One users will hear the terrifying sound of their Xbox One console grinding when attempting to play a disc (movie or game).

Hardware: The best-case scenario in this situation is a defective disc. In some cases, the disc might be warped or has been burned improperly. The easiest way to test out this hypothesis is to try a few other discs. If the problem stops when you switch discs, you know the problem is the disc. It's critical to stop using the defective disc immediately because attempting to use it in your console can damage your system irrevocably. Microsoft has been proactive in protecting the integrity of its hardware suppliers. If you find that the vendor will not replace the defective disc, try contacting Microsoft. In the rare case that the grinding problem persists with other discs, your disc drive might be failing. Although this repair isn't costly, you will need to have the repairs completed by a licensed provider or you risk forfeiting any warranty associated with your console.

For more information on Xbox One game consoles, contact a supplier near you.

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