Two Ways That Cafe Owners In Tropical Climates Can Increase Sales

If your cafe is in a state with a tropical climate and you're eager to increase sales, these tips might inspire you.

Invest in some hummingbird feeders (but make sure they're ant-proof)

One of the perks of running a cafe in a place with a tropical climate is that your premises will be close to some spectacularly pretty tropical plants and wildlife. If you're interested in increasing sales, you should play up this feature, by introducing some of the tropical floral and fauna into your premises. Customers will be more likely to stay put and order extra food or drink if the view from their seat features, for example, vividly-colored hummingbirds drinking nectar from a feeder that is surrounded by flowering hibiscus plants. In short, the beauty of their surroundings will be captivating enough to make them stay longer (and buy more) than they'd planned.

As such, if there are plenty of delightful-looking hummingbirds in your area, you should buy an ant-proof hummingbird feeder online and hang it in your cafe's outdoor area. This feeder must have some feature that will stop ants from stealing the food, as without this, the feeder will end up covered in hundreds of these insects and its food will be gone in minutes before any local hummingbirds have a chance to eat it. Furthermore, if your customers glance out the window or look up from their outdoor seat and see a feeder swarming with ants, they certainly won't hang around and order another drink or snack. Look for ant-proof hummingbird feeders online.

Place a few pedestal fans near the cafe's outdoor seats

Virtually all cafe business owners that operate in places with tropical climates, where the temperatures can get very high, have air conditioning inside their premises. However, if you have outdoor seating and you want to increase sales, you must realize that the customers who sit outdoors will want to stay cool just as much as those in your air-conditioned indoor seating areas.

If the former have to sit in direct sunlight and have no way to cool off whilst they eat or drink, they may feel so hot that they cannot enjoy what they've ordered and might decide to leave before they've even had their dessert or coffee. Likewise, if people approach your cafe with the intention of sitting outside and admiring the beautiful hummingbirds dining on your bird feeders, see that there is nothing in this area that will keep them cool, they might keep on walking and dine at another cafe.

If you were to buy a few pedestal fans and position them so they point at your cafe's outdoor seats, the cooling breeze that these fans provide could keep the people in this area comfortable and will encourage those walking by your cafe who would like to sit outside to go ahead and buy something.

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