Propane Gas Delivery: FAQ For Prospective Customers

Propane gas can be efficient and economical in some parts of the country and in certain applications. If you are new to the world of propane service, you are bound to have a few questions after the first delivery is made. Take a look at just a few of the common curiosities new customers tend to have after their first propane delivery. 

Why does the professional use two hoses to deliver propane?

If you see the propane delivery driver using two hoses during delivery instead of just one, you are bound to be a bit puzzled by the sight. If the climate where you are is rather warm, the secondary hose is actually used in an effort to reduce risks associated with vapors. When your propane tank is being filled, vapors can automatically escape through a component in the top known as the bleeder valve. In high temperatures, the pressurized vapor can be a safety concern, so the second hose is connected to collect it. 

Why did your propane level drop after a fill-up even though you didn't use any gas?

Propane levels after a fill-up can drop even if you have not used any propane for a couple of reasons. Most often, if your tank is filled during part of the day when the temperatures are high, the gas is actually somewhat expanded, which can make the tank appear fuller. When the temperatures drop as the day turns into evening and night, the propane can decrease just a bit in volume, which makes it look like you have lost propane. Likewise, the opposite can happen if your tank is filled when it is cold and then gets warmer. This is why a tank is never truly "full." There must be a little room for contraction. 

Why does propane sometimes spew from the top of the tank during delivery?

What you see spewing from the top of your tank during propane delivery is the vapors generated by the high-pressured gas being pushed into the tank. You will usually only see this if a second hose is not being used to capture the vapors, and the vapors can sometimes be easier to spot in certain temperatures. Rest assured, there is no propane being wasted during the delivery process. 

With your new propane delivery, you will be free to get started using the fuel for whatever purposes at hand. Reach out to a propane gas delivery company for more information or to get answers to any questions you may have.

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