Bringing A Doodle Puppy Into Your Family

If you are considering adding a dog to your family, there are many important decisions that will have to be made. In particular, the breed of dog that you get can be a major factor to consider as each breed can have its own temperament. In particular, doodle puppies can be a popular type of dog for individuals to buy as they will have a friendly and patient temperament that can make them an excellent choice for those that have small children.

Use An Established Doodle Breeder

Whenever you are adopting a dog, it can be extremely beneficial to choose an established breeder. These professionals will work to ensure that the risk of genetic or birth defects in the puppies are kept low, which can help your new puppy to be more likely to have a long and healthy life. Furthermore, these breeders will be able to provide you with a family history of the puppy so that you can be sure that the dog that you are adopting is the breed that is advertised.

Start Training Your New Doodle Puppy At A Young Age

Doodle puppies can be extremely friendly and have a patient temperament. However, these dogs are also extremely intelligent, and they may have a willful personality. This can make it important to ensure that you are effectively training your puppy so that it will be well-behaved. In addition to basic house-training, you may also want to enroll your puppy in an obedience course that is geared towards younger dogs. A puppy can be more easily trained than an older dog due to the fact that the puppy may not have as many established habits and personality traits.

Keep The Doodle Puppies Mentally Stimulated

Doodle puppies are an extremely intelligent breed of dog, and this can lead to the owner needing to make an effort to provide the dog with a constant source of mental stimulation. This will help to limit the risk of the animal getting into trouble as a result of boredom. In addition to providing them with toys, you will also want to regularly swap out these toys. This can keep the puppy interested in their toys so that they are less likely to start playing with shoes, furniture or other items that they could ruin. When providing your dog with toys, make sure that you only give them items that are designed to be used by dogs. Otherwise, they may be a risk of choking, chemical exposure or other serious health hazards.

To learn more, contact a doodle breeder.

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