How You Can Get Into Construction Fresh Out Of High School

Are you a recent high school graduate or looking to graduate in the next year? If you are interested in working with your hands or picking up a trade as your first career, you might be looking into construction work. But landing your first gig in construction is easier said than done. Here are some tips to keep in mind that might help you find the right hiring construction jobs for you to pursue and make yourself a more appealing candidate for those jobs.

Consider a Trade School First 

While you might want to jump right into your construction career as soon as you get your diploma, you might be able to find a better entry point into the industry if you have a verified set of skills before you begin working. A trade school can be a worthwhile detour before applying for construction work. Trade school programs won't take nearly as long as a traditional college degree, so you can still start making money sooner rather than later. It might even be possible to get an entry-level construction gig that you work during the day and then attend trade school at night or in the evening.

You Are Much More Likely to Get Your Foot in the Door with an Internship or Apprenticeship

Don't expect to be handed the world right out of high school. Construction is just like any other industry in that you have to work your way up to the best-paying jobs. Your best chance to get started as a teenager is to seek out a construction firm that is offering entry-level jobs or an apprenticeship. This job might not pay much, but you will work side by side with an expert in the field and may learn valuable skills that you can use on your own at some point as you further your career.

Construction Firms Use Word of Mouth to Find New Hires, So Reach Out to Family and Friends

The saying, "It's not what you know, it's who you know," definitely applies to the construction industry. Sure, you do need some experience and expertise, but often a construction firm looking to bring in more contractors will ask their current employees if they know anyone. Make it known within your social circle that you want to get started in construction, especially if you already have a family member or friend involved in the trade.

You may also have success finding hiring construction jobs by seeking out a specialized job board or agency that hires for the industry. For more information, reach out to a business that can help you find hiring construction jobs.

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